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Determining the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)
With referance to Australian Standard AS3959

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The reports will be prepared to meet the objectives, requirements, measures and standards of the government’s
Planning Directive 5.1 – Bushfire-Prone Areas Code or the government’s Director of Building Control; Director’s
Determination – Application of Requirements for Building in Bushfire-Prone Areas.

The reports will address all application requirements including:
A Bushfire Hazard Report (BHR)
A Bushfire Hazard Management Plan (BHMP)

and also include:
A Certificate under S51(2)(d) Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993
A Form 55 Certificate

Also included in the reports will be the industry standard bushfire risk assessments:
A Bushfire Hazard Site Assessment (BHSA)
A Bushfire Hazard Landscape Assessment (BHLA)

The BAL construction rating calculation also forms part of the BHSA.

John Burke is an accredited provisional Bushfire Hazard Practitioner by the Tasmania Fire Service
and has been operating as a Bushfire Risk Consultant for over 10 years.

We can undertake your site and vegetation assessment utilsing:

Simplified Procedure for determining the BAL - Method 1
Designated Bushfire Prone Areas, up to 20 degrees slope downslope


Detailed Method for determining the BAL - Method 2 (Appendix B)
Method 2 is a complex methodology and can be used for steeper sites up to 30 degrees downslope,
and is used as a performance solution.

The written report will be suitable for lodging with your Building Permit, Development Application or Rezoning application

Note: The BAL rating sets minimum standards for design and construction.
However we would always recommend that you should
endeavor to comply with higher levels of protection.
Ember protection should always be a priority.

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